So I said I was turning in but I got to talking to my wife about Free Software. I asked her what it would mean if I gave her a laptop and phone with nothing but free software on them. She said she'd just want things to work. Facebook and Microsoft Office being the two big hurdles for her. She's close to being weaned off Facebook but "that's where everyone is." I thought about seeing if a few friends and family members would use GNU Social or a Diaspora* pod but iOS doesn't support any programs for accessing those. Thinking about my mom and dad vs free software: my dad plays World of Warcraft, and my mom uses Microsoft Office and Facebook (my dad has been naturally resistant to social networks). For those three people, !trisquel would work great *if* they could still use Facebook, play WoW, and if Libre Office was a little more compatible and familiar. Interesting data. I also find it interesting that even though family members I've polled about the ills of Facebook's policies and actions know about these things, it's not enough to get them to jump ship. So far, my compromise has been to give them # and # but these feel inappropriate though they are generally happy with those things and I can help fix them when needed. #